It all started with

a lot of anxiety, depression, and trying to figure out how to pay for groceries in college. Jenna O’Brien started her freshman year of college with a diagnosis of PMDD and struggled through the years figuring out how to be healthy with a mental disorder. Twenty Seven was born in the midst of trying to feel better, as she took up digital drawing to distract a busy mind. She began selling her work at local markets, and in three short years has opened up a brick & mortar in downtown Lakeland, shipped artwork to customers worldwide, and created a globally recognizable lifestyle brand with a 50,000 + following online.

Twenty Seven is

lifestyle brand filled with bright colors and lots of feelings. We help you design your space to remind you of hope & joy. With a passion for mental health, and a eye for retro flare – we are known for keeping things whimsical but always honest.


Foundation Coffee Co. - Tampa, FL
Top Buttons - Bartow, FL
Rafa Natural - Bartow, FL
Ride Nature - Fort Myers, FL
Yay Tiny Shop - Orlando, FL
Roost & Company - Beverly, MA
Freshie & Zero Studio Shop - Nashville, TN
La Lovely - Denver, CO
Rebel - Grand Rapids, MI
Blue Seven - Oklahoma City, OK
Liv & Rory - Dupont, WA
The Bookshelf - Thomasville, GA
Petalfox - Moreno Valley, CA
Winnie - Edina, MN
Black & Brew - Lakeland, FL
The Paper Whale - Richmond, WA
Declaration & Co - St. Augustine, FL
Beet & Yarrow Floral Design - Denver, CO
White Rabbit - Iowa City, IA
Petal And Stem - Indiana, PA
Roost & Company - Salem, MA
M.Lovewell - Santa Ana, CA
Handzy Shop & Studio - Covington, KY
Olive Tree Market Place - Casey, IL
Margin Social - online boutique
Carmine & Hayworth Vintage - Fargo, ND
Martha's Flower & Gift Shop - Bushnell, FL
Interwoven - Asbury Park, NJ
Why I Love Where I Live - Tucson, AZ
Modern Burlap - Online Boutique

Twenty Seven

213 E Bay Street, Lakeland, FL

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