How To Make a Pitcher of Tea

Are you ready to be the best roommate ever? It’s so so easy to make a pitcher of Twenty Seven tea for the whole house! Here is a super simple walk through of how we do it at the tea bar! It’s delicious, fast, and super inexpensive. We are pumped to let you in on our secret!


All you need:

  • 2 teaspoons of loose leaf tea

  • a pitcher

  • a strainer

  • a scoop

  • a scale (you can eye it too!)

  • hot water

  1. Scoop the tea

Add 12 g of tea (a little over 2 teaspoons) to your strainer.

Our favorite teas for iced pitchers (though any tea would work great!): bouquet bloom, rainy bookstore, seafoam, bubblegum green, chai, mint chocolate chip



2. The Waiting Game

Then add 3 cups of water (195 F for herbal and black teas/175 F for green teas) (or just boiling and you should be okay!) to the tea. Let sit for 5 minutes.



3. Pour that tea

Add some ice to your pitcher. Strain the tea right into it!



4. Water again

Leave the same leaves in the tea - and fill it up again with 12 oz of hot water. Let sit five more minutes.



5. Pour it out

Pour the fresh brew into the pitcher.


6. Top with ice

Scoop lots of ice in the pitcher until it’s full! Don’t worry about watering it down - it’s concentrated so it will taste delicious with all that ice!
If you wanna razzle dazzle - add 2 cups of lemonade (or to your taste-liking) for a tea lemonade!


special thanks to our team member Caleb for taking these amazing photos!

April 11, 2021 — Jenna Cherry
Tags: tea

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