Journal Prompts For When Your Feelings Are In a Knot

Written by: Brynna Van Sant

Grab a pen, your favorite journal, and take time to reflect.

Here’s a resource to save for the next time your feelings are in a knot.


Doodle the knot. What does it look like? What is it made of? What colors compose the knot? 

What could possibly be making you feel this way? What are some tools that you have and can use to start untying the knot?

How does the knot feel? Is it a good, anxious yet excited knot? Or is it a weird, heavy and overwhelming knot? Explain how it feels to your heart, head, and soul. 

Who are people around you that can help you process through this and get better? In what ways can you be honest with them about how you feel? 


What happens if the knot doesn’t go away immediately? What are your worst case scenarios? Your greatest fears? 


What happens if the knot goes away immediately? Who/what are your thankful for? 


Come up with three ways that you can be working towards untying the knot and making it less heavy. Who can come alongside you to help you with this?


Find five songs that make you appreciate the feelings that you feel and allows you to release them. 


Go outside and take a fresh breath of air. Write down something you experience from every sense (taste, smell, sound). Allow yourself to be thankful for the good things you are experiencing and seeing.



Written by: Brynna Van Sant


April 11, 2021 — Jenna Cherry

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