Bubblegum Green Tea


We call this bubblegum tea for a reason! It's a total fruit bomb! We love this over ice!
What is feels like: a jump in the pool on a hot summer day, your favorite song playing somewhere randomly, and a perfectly blown piece of bubblegum
What it is: Chinese green tea, marigold petals, pineapple, mango, and key lime flavors
How to make it: you'll just need hot water and a strainer!
Brew Time-4- 6 min
How it's made: we only work with sourcing partners who ensure fair payment for the producers - it's ethically sourced and then packed up and shipped to you from our team in Lakeland, FL
Who will love it: bubblegum tea is a sweet take on green tea - so green tea & matcha lovers will be delighted for this remix. BUT because it's sweeter and fruity - it will appeal to the less green tea-enthusiastic