Rainy Bookstore Tea


The best earl grey with an added boost of calming lavender - great hot or iced but best served with milk of choice.
What is feels like: walking in an independent bookstore off a cobblestone street, browsing around, the smell of old books, and then seeing rain start to fall from the grey sky outside, deciding to get a cup of hot tea, cozy up, and read right there
What it is: Ceylon black tea, bergamot essential oil, cornflowers, dried lavender
How to make it: you'll just need hot water and a strainer!
Brew Time- 5-7 min
How it's made: we only work with sourcing partners who ensure fair payment for the producers - it's ethically sourced and then packed up and shipped to you from our team in Lakeland, FL
Who will love it: the coffee drinker who wants a different morning caffeine boost, the lavender lover, the avid book reader, the tea-newbie, and the tea-lover