Sunshine Tea


Sunshine tea is a sweet, fruity black tea that reminds us of summer mornings.
What is feels like: the color yellow, a walk through Forsyth Park in downtown Savannah, a picnic by the lake
What it is: a black tea blend with Sri Lankan Ceylon black tea, red rose petals, natural cranberry flavor, cornflowers, sweet orange essential oil, natural peach flavor
How to make it: you'll need hot water and a strainer.
Brew Time-4- 6 min
How it's made: we only work with sourcing partners who ensure fair payment for the producers - it's ethically sourced and then packed up and shipped to you from our team in Lakeland, FL
Who will love it: sunshine tea brews so beautifully that your tea-loving friend will be delighted to try. It's also sweet and easy to drink so your father who knows only of unsweet and sweet tea will secretly really get into it. This tea is delicious without any surprises - sweet & lovely - like sunshine!