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Terrazzo - White Tea


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What is feels like: a cup of relaxation on a velvet couch with terrazzo floors surrounding

What it is: Chinese white peony, sage, lavender, lemon verbena, orange peel, lemon essential oil, corn flowers

How to make it: you'll only need hot water and a strainer

Recommended Temperature- 195°F

Brew Time- 5 minutes

Caffeine? Yes

How it's made: we only work with sourcing partners who ensure fair payment for the producers - it's ethically sourced and then packed up and shipped to you from our team in Lakeland, FL

Who will love it: lavender lovers, someone who loves meditative and slow mornings, earthy people

Movie pairing: The Graduate

All Twenty Seven tea is loose leaf, which we believe is truly the best way to enjoy tea! These 1.5 oz bags make roughly 15 cups of tea (or more if you reuse leaves in your strainer)

Not sure where to start with tea? Check out the posts on our “magazine” page to learn more!