What you need:

loose leaf tea






- 5 minutes -

1. Measure the tea

An exact guide: Measure out 3 grams of tea (this is about 0.6 of a teaspoon) and place in your strainer

A loose guide: Tea is super forgiving and much kinder than coffee! Do not be afraid!

We say do a half a teaspoon - but if you want the taste to be stronger just fill up one full teaspoon. Place in your strainer.

2. Add water

An exact guide: Water for herbal and black teas should be 195˚F, water for green teas should be 175˚F. You will want to do 12 oz of water for every 6 grams of tea. Pour over your tea - make sure to get all the leaves wet evenly.

A loose guide: Boil up 12 oz of water (1.5 cups) but don't let it bubble too long. Pour over your tea - make sure to get all the leaves wet evenly.


3. Let Steep & Pour

All our teas steep for five minutes. We've made some fun playlists to listen to while you wait!

4. Pour & Enjoy!

When you are finished, fill the mug 3/4 of the way with your tea. Top it off with foamy, frothed milk and a sweetener of your choice. Stir to combine.

Here's a list of things you can do with the remaining tea leaves:

  • make another cup immediately (if you make another cup quickly, the leaves retain their flavor! tea for two anyone?)
  • compost them!
  • add to a simmering pot of water on the stove and make the whole house smell amazing
  • add to a sachet, hang around your tub's faucet and make "bath tea" by running your hot water through it
  • dry the tea leaves out - add to a decorative bowl and use as a fresh and deodorizing potpourri
  • brew it up again with a little bit of water and use as paint. great for staining paper to look aged
  • pack in your plant's soil to help them retain water
  • place damp leaves in a sachet and hold under your eyes to refresh them
  • sprinkle on surfaces that have absorbed strong smells to help deodorize them (think counters and cutting boards!
  • heat up and pour in a bowl with water for a foot soak
  • dry out, sprinkle on carpet and vacuum up for a carpet deodorizer

Get your own tea routine started!

This is our Chai, a caffeinated blend black tea, herbs, and spices. For the chai lovers - or the tea newbies - it's VERY easy to find yourself hooked on this one!