A Guide To Color Course


A Guide To Color is a half hour long course that covers the basics of color theory, color psychology, and how to utilize color in everything from your daily life to your artwork or designs. Color can help you create a brand, sell more products, design your living space, and dress to get a job.

Twenty Seven is most clearly defined and recognized by one big thing - color. Color is why we blew up on Instagram, what inspires our products, and what our customers love. This course, taught by Twenty Seven artist & owner, will teach you how to pair colors together successfully and wield the rainbow to tell your story and grow more successfully.

If you are a designer, artist, creative, color-lover, or Twenty Seven super fan - this is going to help you spark joy in every day life and work effectively with color!


This purchase includes:

- A half hour long video course that you can access at any point

- A workbook that goes with the amazing video


After purchase, you will be emailed with a pdf that includes the video and work book!

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