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every purchase of tea helps us re-open our store after COVID!

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This summer has been tremendously difficult for us as we've been operating solely online while trying to complete our store expansion during COVID-19.

But we are truly in the final stretch of preparation! We. are. so. close.⁠
It's now the final countdown and we really need your help getting across the finish line and being able to re-open.⁠

Here's how we finish launching this new dream: we need to sell 400 boxes of tea!⁠

This last stretch will help us complete the large costs of finishing the tea bar up and give us the final push to open.⁠

Please tell your friends & family & help us get that 400 box goal! We will be tracking our progress on our website and posting updates daily here! I'm thrilled to be so close!⁠


Details about the tea:

All our loose leaf tea boxes include 17 servings.

All you will need is hot water and a strainer to drink our tea!

Individual instructions for each blend are on the box.

Details about your order:

Your preorder is SO appreciated and is helping us open our store after being closed for 5 months. You are directly assisting us in opening the storefront!! Since this is helping us reopen - it is a preorder (that way we can focus on re-opening the storefront first and then ship out our preorders!).

You can expect your tea to arrive before the end of October, and be assured our whole team will be working as hard as possible to get your box to you quickly!


We love you and are so appreciative of any support you can offer!

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